Tanning Instructions



 ▪ What should I use to prep my skin? An exfoliating towel and gold Dial soap.  ▪ When do I get my mani/pedi? No less than 24 hours before your first tanning session. ▪ How long before my first session should I wax (if I want to)? This is not recommended, however, if you must, get it done at least 48 hours prior to your first session. Shaving is best as waxing can leave a residue that creates a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. ▪ Should I shave my entire body? It is recommended as the bronzers can clump hair together creating an uneven complexion. Do you tan my face? What do I do about makeup? We tan your face with a much lighter coat ▪ What do I wear to my tanning session? Dark, loose fitted clothing – cotton or polyester is best. Zip ups, long pants and sleeves are preferred. No jeans. DO NOT SLEEP NAKED! Your arms and legs must be covered and separated – robes are okay but not recommended. Skin-on-skin contact can create imperfections. Men may wear a black or old posing suit to their tanning session. We also have disposable available.   Women may tan nude with a female spray tech to avoid tan lines. ▪ DO NOT put your suit on until after you have been sprayed the last time before your stage appearance. Wait as long as possible to put your suit on after your last tanning session and be careful putting on your suit. ▪ Women – when using the bathroom, line the seat with bath tissue and sit…do not hover unless you’ve got it down pat. You can also bring Dixi cups and cut out the bottom. ▪ Where/when do we get our oil/bikini bite done? 30 minutes prior to your stage appearance. We will be backstage to help you with this. ▪ Can I get touchups if I have water spots? Yes – No notification is needed. ▪ How much should I tip my Spray Tech? At your discretion – typically 15-25%. ▪Shower before your appointment shaving FIRST! You may use a light shaving cream but be sure to exfoliate AFTER shaving. Any residue left behind by the cream may act as a barrier between your skin and the DHA (the tanning element that reacts with your skin to bronze it). *We recommend an exfoliating towel by Earth Therapeutics from Bed, Bath & Beyond ($6) and Dial soap (gold kind). Be sure to exfoliate your ENTIRE BODY! Any dead skin left behind will create unevenness in your tan! This has nothing to do with the solution or the way it is applied. ▪Come to your appointment with CLEAN SKIN. NO lotion, makeup, perfumes, deodorant, etc. ▪Your face may be tanned. ▪After your session, be very careful around liquids. Any contact with water will dissolve the tan and create marks. ▪You may be sleeping in your tan overnight – if you do, it is best to sleep in the same clothes you put on after your tanning session. Try not to make skin to skin contact with any limbs to avoid uneven markings – try to keep in mind that holding your arms in a bent position may create slight unevenness on the inner elbow. Be careful around liquids, avoid sweating and skin-on-skin contact to avoid lines (ie on your stomach, groin, knees, elbows, etc.) ▪DO NOT SHOWER! Until after the show.